The Effect of Contact Investigations and Public Health Interventions in the Control and Prevention of Measles Transmission: A Simulation Study
Wayne T. A. Enanoria, Fengchen Liu, Jennifer Zipprich, Kathleen Harriman, Sarah Ackley, Seth Blumberg, Lee Worden, Travis C. Porco, 2016. PLOS One 11(12): e0167160. journal (open access)

Assessing Measles Transmission in the United States Following a Large Outbreak in California.
Blumberg, S., L. Worden, W. Enanoria, S. Ackley, M. Deiner, F. Liu, D. Gao, T. Lietman, and T. Porco, 2015. PLOS Currents Outbreaks. 2015 May 7 . Edition 1.
journal (open access)
* (see also correction)

Effects of mixing in threshold models of social behavior.
Akhmetzhanov, Andrei R., Lee Worden, and Jonathan Dushoff, 2013. Physical Review E 88.1: 012816.
pdf · journal · arXiv

WorkingWiki: a MediaWiki-based platform for collaborative research.
Worden, L, 2011. Published in proceedings of ITP 2011 Workshop on Mathematical Wikis.
home · pdf

Lee Worden Research Wiki: An experiment in open, reproducible research.
Worden, L., 2011-. Includes research, software, courseware, grantwriting and other academic material curated in public in real time.

Working Markup
Worden, L., 2014-. Freely available software package.

Worden, L., 2010-. Freely available software package.
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Frequency responses of age-structured populations: Pacific salmon as an example
Worden, L., L. W. Botsford, A. Hastings, and M. D. Holland, 2010. Theoretical Population Biology Vol. 78, No. 4, Pages 239-249.
pdf · arXiv · journal

Notes from the greenhouse world: A study in coevolution, planetary sustainability, and community structure.
Worden, L., 2010. Ecological Economics Vol. 69, No. 4, Pages 762-769.
arXiv · journal

Evolutionary escape from the prisoner's dilemma.
Worden, L. and S. A. Levin, 2007. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 245, Pages 411-422.
pdf · journal

Evolutionary branching of single traits.
Ma, J., L. Worden, and S. A. Levin, 2006. Chapter 10 of From Energetics to Ecosystems: The Dynamics and Structure of Ecological Systems, N. Rooney, K. S. McCann, and D. L. G. Oakes, eds. Springer Netherlands.

Evolution, Constraint, Cooperation, and Community Structure in Simple Models.
Worden, L., 2003 (PhD Dissertation). Subject matter includes modeling self-organization processes in ecological communities; evolution in the context of ecological communities; transformations between competitive and cooperative interactions in ecological and game theory models; and ways scientific models function as rhetorical tools in social contexts, and how alternative models can be used to intervene in accepted economic and social discourses.
pdf (warning — 14MB download)

Global cooperation achieved through small behavioral changes among strangers.
Hartvigsen, G., L. Worden, and S. A. Levin, 2000. Complexity, Volume 5, Number 3, Pages 14–19.

Metapopulations, community assembly and scale invariance in aspect space.
Dushoff, J., L. Worden, J. Keymer, and S. A. Levin. 2002. Theoretical Population Biology, Volume 62, Pages 329–338.


A simple dynamic argument for self-regulation in model biospheres.
Worden, L. and S. A. Levin. In preparation.

Selected Presentations

Threshold models for changing social norms in dynamic networks
SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures, Seattle, Wash., June 2012.
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How selection acts on interactions, and why it favors mutual benefit.
Symposium on New Approaches to the Evolution of Social Behavior, Ecological Society of America, August 2008.

Evolutionary graph theory and structural power
Networks in Political Science, June 2008 (poster presentation).

Sequential selection produces self-regulation in model biospheres:
Multi-level selection meets Ashby’s ultrastability.

American Society for Cybernetics, May 2008.
This talk was awarded the ASC's Heinz von Foerster award for most notable contribution by a young person.

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