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Mon, 01/16/2012 - 16:21

I've released a new version of WorkingWiki, WorkingWiki-799.tar.gz on the sourceforge downloads page. Between the previous release (748) and this one, a number of things have been fixed and improved:

  • support for MathJax, which seems to be a much better way to display math than the combination of images and MathML, depending on the browser, that we were using. This is just an option right now, turned off by default, but I'm pretty confident I'll make it standard soon.
  • Support for Grid Engine, allowing us to use WorkingWiki to run large jobs on computing clusters.
  • Better handling of the files in prerequisite projects: they're kept up to date more reliably, and exported when they should be.
  • The "use default rules" option works now :(

Coming soon, probably, is a reorganization of the cache directory making it easier for humans to navigate. The main thing holding this one back is that it would make WW incompatible with existing background jobs, and that might destroy people's work. I'm hoping to solve that, or find a time when users agree to finish their background jobs and do the changeover.

I do recommend, though, installing WorkingWiki using Subversion rather than the tarfiles, because it will make it much easier to get future updates.

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