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Thu, 10/20/2011 - 22:43

I've been posting some weekly updates from the math class on Google Plus, and here and there, but I really should put them here and radiate outward from here.

This week I got to see students' midterm presentations. They were pretty good and I had a good time!
* A presentation on gear ratios and gear-inches on your bike, and how to figure out whether a given combination is good for going fast or better for climbing hills.
* A genealogy of art movements, looking at feedback relationships between earlier and later ones.
* An experimental film made by drawing random numbers to shuffle the order of questions and answers, and to assign different emotional affects to them.
* A research presentation on Norbert Wiener.

High points: SFAI students just started an Occupy SFAI encampment just outside the building! Also, I learned this week that Jay DeFeo's masterpiece The Rose was stored for years in the McMillan Conference Room at SFAI - the room where I'm teaching!

High point from last week: starting my lecture on evolution and natural selection by asking the class about evolution and learning that I have a Christian student who doesn't believe in it! Last week's low point: I lost track and the students had to tell me that it was 5 minutes after the end of the class period.

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by worden on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 13:07

So if I notice an object that has kind of the same shape as The Rose, would that be a DeFeo-morphism?

(math humor...)

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