Tuesday: WorkingWiki

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Wed, 04/06/2011 - 11:59

Cleaned up the working copy of the WW source code on lalashan, caused a brief crash of the lalashan wikis due to some kind of php code caching in the web server, I think. Then spent part of the afternoon trying to track down a weird malfunction in the Refs project (which is a local lalashan thing), which as far as I can tell isn't due to my changes, but that seems like too weird of a coincidence. Fortunately, all seems well now.

While dealing with those things, fixed two WW bugs that never made it onto the bug tracker: one where calling Special:GetProjectFile with display=download gives a display=raw style error (the difference between the two is that download gives its error messages in a wiki page, while raw gives plain 404 pages, 302, etc.); and one where an environment variable in the WW-provided makefile should have been exported but wasn't.

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