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Wed, 08/15/2012 - 21:52

I'm just back from a meetup at Wikipedia HQ in SF, where I found not one but two guys sporting the out-of-this-world faux-indigenous techie hairstyle of the hour (minus the stars).

People at WMF are working on some interesting stuff - big data processing to let them make sense out of website visitor stats, interactive plots for big-data visualization, and a google docs-style visual editor for the encyclopedia, which would be a great improvement and seems pretty hard to do well. I didn't really learn anything new though, because I knew about all that stuff from their email list. Met a few people and had some pizza.

I've been working hard on information cascade models for the last while, and I hope to make some of it public sometime soon. I also have to get going on the Fall semester's teaching, though.

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