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Mon, 10/20/2014 - 20:42

Following up on the last few blog posts here, here's a new page on my demo site demonstrating use of Sage computations in a reproducible research blog:

In this demo, Sage source code is included directly in the blog post, and our system runs it on the author's computer as part of publishing the blog, producing the output text and figures that appear in the blog post automatically from the source code provided.

This demo also demonstrates how source code embedded in the blog post can be used together with code kept in a separate Git repository. Here we have a library of Sage classes kept in its own repository on GitHub, stored in a submodule of the website's repository and used by the blog post's code to provide the utility classes it uses in its computations. A simple makefile connects the two together and can be customized by the reader, who can download all the code and reproduce the results just by running a make command.

For details on the Git setup and how to reproduce the results, see the linked page.

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