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Fri, 03/09/2012 - 11:51

This looks great!

In order to distinguish whether or not a particular idea was a pattern, we asked ourselves questions like:

  • Does this describe a feature that shows up over and over again in group processes that fulfill the purpose for which they were called?
  • Does it happen across many different methods?
  • Can it take a variety of forms?
  • Does it show up at more than one scale (for example: balancing the emphasis on process and on content happens both within one session at a conference and within the conference as a whole).
  • Does it describe an action that can be consciously undertaken by convenors and/or participants?
  • Does my gut respond to this with a sense of recognition?

Because of space limitations, each card aims only to name the essential What and Why of that particular element. In order to actually use the patterns, you’ll need to come up with the How. A lot of Hows are supplied on our website, where you will find a growing pool of information about the patterns represented in this deck. Some cards have plenty of resources already on the website, while others remain to be fleshed out. Over fifty people were involved in the creation of this card deck, and we’d be delighted for you to join the circle by helping explain how to apply the patterns—see more on this below. . . .

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